Appalachian Blue Ridge Heritage Hardwoods

American Black Walnut

Color - Dark brown to medium chocolate brown tones.  The Natural Grade adds a moderate amount of tan to mocha colored sapwood.  A minimum to moderate amount of sapwood is included in the Distressed Grade.

Grain - Mostly straight and open with an occasional curly or wavy appearance.  The Natural Grade adds an occasional tight knot.   The Distressed Grade offers more naturally occurring character defect.

Hardness - Moderately hard with excellent stability.  Approximately 20% less hard than Red Oak.

Tree Facts - This most valuable tree grows on rich bottom lands and moist fertile hillsides throughout the Appalachian Mountains.  The loamy rich soil and excellent growth environment of the high Appalachians produces an optimal healthy growth cycle.

Wood Grades

Clear - A grade above select, Clear Walnut is defect free and contains trace sapwood.  Some minor color variation should be expected as it is a natural product.

Natural - Essentially a select floor, Natural Walnut contains a moderate mocha colored sapwood, tight knots and burls.

Natural Walnut

Naturally Distressed - Naturally occurring Distressed features, such as bark pits, open knots, heart shake and worm holes combined with burls and occasional circle saw marks give an appearance of century old flooring.  A minimum to moderate amount of sapwood is allowed.