Appalachian Blue Ridge Heritage Hardwoods

Appalachian Red Oak

Appalachian Red Oak - Traditional, handsome and a proven classic, Red Oak has been a tremendous leader in the interior wood market for decades.  With its bold, flared grain and soft, slightly reddish-tan color, this wood is a dependable success and extremely adaptable in any setting.  When most people think of interior hardwood, they think of Red Oak.

Color - Clear Red Oak provides a mainly consistent, reddish/light brown color.  The Natural Grade adds color contrast in light brown to brown color.  The Distressed Grade adds more color variation with dark mineral boards and heavy naturally occurring features.

Grain - Bold, consistent, open grain.

Hardness - Very hard and durable.  Resists wear and has a high shock resistance.

Tree Facts - Northern Red Oak thrives best in the very highest elevations.

Wood Grades

Clear - A grade above select, Clear Red Oak is defect free and offers a more consistent color.

Natural - Essentially a floor with an overall average grade equivalent to that of a #1 Common floor.  Natural Red Oak contains mineral streaking, color variation and tight knots and will include an occasional more clear and more lightly distressed feature to give the appearance of a “Natural look”.

Naturally Distressed - Naturally occurring Distressed features, such as bark pits, open knots, heart shake and worm holes combined with burls and occasional circle saw marks give an appearance of century old flooring.

Wormy - Peppered with worm holes in combination with natural features this Wormy Red Oak gives a unique rustic appearance.