Appalachian Blue Ridge Heritage Hardwoods

Classic American Cherry

Classic American Cherry - From the Early American Federal period through today, Classic American Cherry has graced the most elite homes with its impressive beauty bringing elegance and inviting warmth to any setting.  The truly enchanting rose hues deepen over time becoming stunningly rich in color and unmatched in beauty.

Color - Light warm rose tones with just a hint of brown aging to a deeper rose/cinnamon.  The Natural Grade adds subdued dark mineral streaks with cream colored sapwood.  A minimum to moderate amount of sapwood is included in the Distressed Grade.

Grain - Extremely fine grain, frequently wavy with a satin like texture.  The Natural Grade adds an occasional tight knot, swirls and burls.  The Distressed Grade offers more naturally occurring defect.

Hardness - Moderately hard with above average stability.  Approximately 22% less hard than Red Oak.

Tree Facts - Also known as Black or Wild Cherry, American Cherry is a mountain tree of the Appalachians. Its optimum growth cycle is in the highest elevations.

Wood Grades

Clear - A grade above select, Clear Cherry is defect free and may contain only trace sapwood.  Some minor color variation should be expected as it is a natural product.

Natural - Essentially a select floor, Natural Cherry contains a minimum to moderate amount of creamy sapwood, tight knots and burls.

Naturally Distressed - Naturally occurring Distressed features, such as bark pits, open knots, heart shake and worm holes combined with burls and occasional circle saw marks give an appearance of century old flooring.  A minimum to moderate amount of sapwood is allowed.