Appalachian Blue Ridge Heritage Hardwoods

Hard Maple Sugar

Hard Sugar Maple - Exceedingly pleasing to the eye, Hard Sugar Maple has a reputation for having it all.  The brilliant grain is mainly closed tight, with uniform texture but unlike most suppliers, we include curly and bird’s-eye figuring.  Commercially used for bowling alleys and gymnasium floors, Hard Maple is quite hard and exceptionally durable.

Color - Mainly creamy white with light reddish-brown to light brown tones present with occasional dark streaks.  Carefully hand selected to represent the natural character of the timber.

Grain - Most boards will be closed.   Occasionally, quilted, fiddleback, curly and bird’s-eye figuring is present.

Hardness - Hard with excellent strength, durability, and shock resistance. Approximately 12% harder than Red Oak.

Tree Facts - Hard Sugar Maple is most commonly found on the cool slopes of our higher mountains.  It is generally a slow growth tree and is famous for its sap that is used to make maple syrup.

Wood Grades

Hard Sugar Maple - Overall lighter in appearance, our Hard Sugar Maple is uniquely graded leaving in the desirable curly and bird’s-eye figuring, some brown tones and occasional tight knots giving the appearance of a more relaxed, yet interesting floor.

Hard Sugar Maple is available in one grade only.