Appalachian Blue Ridge Heritage Hardwoods

Heritage Oak

Heritage Oak is indeed a rare, exceptional find in the interior wood market.

It is a mixture of both Red and White Oak with tremendous character.  Each and every board is hand selected to include numerous medium to large knots, wormholes, and most importantly, a large number of kerf marks.  It is then weathered with exposure to natural elements.  After the kiln dry process is completed, it is planed differently as to not remove the kerf marks and the natural weathering.

Note: Kerf marks are left behind by a bladed instrument, in our case, a circular saw.  In home design, kerf marks are left behind to create a feeling of hand-hewn planking. All of the above gives our Heritage Oak flooring an antique worn appearance coming from years of existence invoking Old-World Charm.

Color - Light to medium warm brown and red tones, dark brown mineral streaks and knots with occasional darkened kerf marks.

Grain - Close and open grained mix with tight and open knots.

Hardness - Heavy, hard and durable.  Averages approximately 5% harder than Red Oak.

Tree Facts - Lumber for Heritage Oak come from Oak mountain trees of the Appalachians, thrives in dry, rocky soil, often on hillsides and ravines

Design Tips

Resist the urge to apply stain to this wood.  Oil Based finishes will enhance the grain and natural markings beautifully.