Appalachian Blue Ridge Heritage Hardwoods

Virginia Mountain Pine

Virginia Mountain Pine - Reminiscent of the floors commonly found in the finest of Southern Homes, Virginia Mountain Pine adds a certain charm and warmth to any setting.  Heavy in character, our Virginia Mountain Pinewood brings to mind a slower paced time, rich in Southern Appalachian Tradition.

Color - Amber to orange tones with some yellow and brown mix.

Grain - Dense with high figuring.  Some boards marked with darkened pinstripe while others display a more open bold appearance with an abundance of tight and bold knots.

Hardness - Relatively hard with above average stability. Approximately 20% less hard than Red Oak on average.

Tree Facts - These trees thrive in the moist forests throughout the Appalachian Mountains.  Old growth trees are commonly found on the rough terrain of the highest elevations and the slow growth rate of the Appalachians provide a much harder wood than that commonly grown in the lower elevations of the south.

Wood Grades

Antique - Technically known in sawmill terms as a “log run”, Virginia Mountain Pine may contain the entire tree, including heartwood, knots and color variation giving an authentic, old floor appearance.

Clear - Essentially a mostly clear floor, Clear Virginia Mountain Pine contains no defect with a more consistent color.