Appalachian Blue Ridge Heritage Hardwoods

Wormy maple

Wormy Maple - Known for tremendous presence, Wormy Maple adds authentic character to any venue.  Each board is hand chosen to ensure a completely unique look.   Beginning with a classic traditional Maple canvas, Wormy Maple adds brilliant, natural flame patterning at the worm mark leaving each board signed as an original.

Color - Cream to light reddish-brown heartwood with white to light brown sapwood.

Grain - Mostly close-grained with occasional curly, iridescent appearance.

Hardness - Moderately hard and durable.  Approximately 20% less hard than Red Oak.

Tree Facts - Maple Worm Wood is derived from two types of Appalachian mountain Maple trees, the Red Maple and the Silver Maple.  Both are rapid growth trees and thrive in moist, damp areas.

Wood Grades

Wormy Maple - Natural Maple light tones combined with warm brown tones highlighted with heavy medium to dark brown worm mineral flag patterns gives Wormy Maple a look unique to itself.

Wormy Maple is available in one grade only.