Appalachian Blue Ridge Heritage Hardwoods

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Union Church Millworks

  • Family owned and operated, Union Church Millworks is a small business that has many advantages such as high quality, personal client relationships, and order customization.
  • Union Church Millworks Specializes in Superior Quality Appalachian Hardwoods
  • Industry Leader for 3/4” Solid Plank Flooring, 3” to 8” Widths with above average lengths
  • Exceptional Millwork, Controlled from Tree to Finished Product
  • Flooring, Paneling, Wainscoting, Stair Parts, Moldings and Vents available in all matching species
  • Once the flooring is milled, it is sorted into different grades including clear, natural, distressed, and wormy.
  • Flooring is produced using either a straight edge pattern or a micro-bevel pattern.
  • All products are unfinished, which allow our clients to choose the stain and protectant to apply in home. 

    Species Include:

    American Cherry - Timeless and charming with warm cinnamon tones. 

    American Walnut - Dark and light mocha tones along with very unique characteristics set American Walnut apart from other species.

    Chestnut Oak - In the White Oak family, Chestnut Oak displays neutral grain and tones matched with grey colors around worm holes. Very unique but neutral.

    Soft Maple - Oftentimes called "Red Maple or Wormy Maple", soft maple provides a light creme colored wood with dark grey worm hole stain.  This species is unique in that you will have to see it to believe the features.

    Hard Maple - When paired with the correct decor, the bright white tones along with dark color streaks offer a brilliant color palette. Usually the builder's choice for bowling allies and gymnasiums, hard maple is very hard and durable. 

    Red Oak - Clear, Natural and Distressed Worm Wood

    White Oak - Clear, Natural  and Distressed

    Antique Pine - Natural Heart Mix and Clear

    Heritage Oak - A Unique Weathered Red and White Oak Mix

    In addition, Paneling and Moldings are available in Butternut (White Walnut), Aromatic Cedar, White Pine and Poplar.  Rough Lumber is available in all species.


    Need Stair Treads? 

    • Union Church Millwork's craftsmen pride themselves on the production of handmade stair treads to match our flooring.
    • Although treads are kept in stock, we have the capability to make treads that match your flooring that you have picked out.
    • All treads are carefully glued and inspected to assure high quality.

    Our Process:

    • Our sister company starts with locally sourced logs from the Appalachian Mountains. Many of these trees are provided from David Bennett Logging, which is operated by David Bennett.  David is the second generation in our process!
    • After the logs arrive at our sister company, they are sawn using a detailed process to maximize the amount of lumber that is produced.
    • From the lumber produced, our supply is carefully selected using detailed grading rules to make exceptional finished products!
    • The lumber is transferred to our dry kilns to be dried to 9% - 12% moisture content using a slow process that assures great quality.
    • The lumber is transferred back to our facility to be transformed into beautiful and timeless interior products.

    Need Samples? 

    • Our goal is to make your flooring buying experience as easy as possible!
    • Samples are always free of charge and will ship to you within a few business days.
    • If you cannot decide on one particular type of product, let us send you samples of whatever interests you so that you can compare in your home. All we need is a delivery address and contact information.

    Have questions or need samples? Contact us!